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In order to compete effectively in today's market, businesses must have access to the same-in-depth information as their competition.  It's clear to The Randall Group that all business sectors require information and expert advice in order to survive and to grow within their niche market.  We offer a variety of consulting services to executives and their staff which will assist organizations in implementing and executing their defined strategic objectives.  In addition to "Expert Consulting Services", we also provide a wide-range of other small business services.  Please see below:

Many businesses of various sizes and stages of development want to move to the next level but need a more seasoned and experienced "Mentor" to show them the way and provide real one-on-one guidance. Your mentor can focus on improving your knowledge and skills in the five core disciplines, which can include but are not limited too  


1) Strategic Planning

2) Leadership

3) Business Development

4) Operations Management

5) Financial Management


The Randall Group can assist you in identifying good mentors who want to provide business development assistance to another company. These mentors are other small & medium size businesses as well as large businesses. 


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