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       Packaging Kits

As experts in the field who have been working with small businesses in the federal procurement industry for over 30 years, we have taken all our knowledge, experience and expertise about the certification process and created a set of instructions along with samples, templates as well as a comprehensive list of required documentation each individual State, GSA and SBA government organization must receive in order to deem your application complete and ready for processing.  Our "Kits" assists your firm in preparing a complete package and improves your chance for approval.

Each organization will always have questions regarding your firm's information and can request additional documentation outside of their regulatory requirements, but our downloadable kit will provide you with a list of the required application information per State MBE/DBE, GSA and SBA regulations. Prior to purchasing, please make sure you have thoroughly researched each certification program and determined you meet "ALL" eligibility requirements. Once purchased, "Kits" are non-refundable so confirming eligibility prior to purchase is essential.  With each purchase, your firm will receive 1 free hour of consultation to assist with answering questions while your firm is preparing the application.


Downloadable Kits available for purchase:

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How to make the purchase:

Visit our "Contact Us" page and complete all fields.  In the message section, please indicate which kit(s) you would like to select for purchase and submit.

Within 24 hours of receiving your request, we will provide pricing to your firm along with an invoice where  you will have the ability to pay online via credit card or ACH as well as the option to mail your payment.

Within 24 hours of receiving full payment, your firm will be emailed a link to download the required documentation for the kit(s) you have purchased. Information cannot be edited, copied, etc. and the link will deactivate immediately after 1 download occurs.                                                                                                                                                                    

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